Meet our family of indices

impak European Positive Transformation (iEPTI)

Tradeable Index that selects companies within the SBF120 & Stoxx 50 that create positive impacts

impak Europe Leaders Index (iELI)

Reference Index that selects companies within the Euro Stoxx 50 with the highest impak Score™ in each sector

impak US Leaders Index (iUSLI)

Reference Index that selects companies within the Russell Top 50 with the highest impak Score™ in each sector

Capitalization weighted indices with management of dynamic controversies. Excluded companies are replaced by companies with higher impak Score™ from the same sector

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The impak methodology, our differentiator

Leading expertise on E&S impact analysis

Customer-centric universe and possibility of co-development

Auditable and objective internationally recognized methodology

Independence: our clients are not the entities we rate

Use cases & advantages

Benchmarking assets and portfolios impact performance (including SFDR art. 9 products)

Building new products (ETFs, structured products, mandates, etc.) based on a true impact standard, thereby taking advantage of market interest and preventing greenwashing and reputational risks

Designed for passive or active managers seeking exposure to companies with strong impact profiles and sector diversification and looking to engage with constituents

Creating an investment intelligence advantage

Mitigating reputational risk: minimum impak ScoreTM and exclusions guarantee no greenwashing

Leveraging data from the leading impact rating agency, in line with international standards (IMP, SDGs)

Becoming compliant with fast-developing new regulations (SFDR, EU Taxonomy, etc.)

In search of impact Alpha

Analyzed through sectoral, SDGs, revenue growth and share price screens, have a look at what a real portfolio, based on impak’s standardized and comparable analysis, can tell us about the first SDG and IMP-based universe and the search for impact alpha.

Board of Advisors

Mike Paul


Christophe Duthoit

Alban de Caillemer

Nathalie Thiollet

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